Tuesday, 3 January 2012

{Thrifting Finds} December's haul!

With christmas and New Year posts I never got around to showing you some of my great finds from December.

Less than a  week after spying  a modern version of this set and saying to my mother 'wouldn't it be nice to have a vintage version of that' we found this in a charity shop!
I pointed it out to her in the display cabinet and promptly paid for my shopping and left (duh!). Ten minutes later the penny dropped and I went back to the shop and bought it!!!

Aren't they darling????
I'm glad we went back, because we also spied this lovely forties style suit, which mum treated me to for xmas!! Being impatient, forgetful and wanting to wear this to the watercress line event boxing day I sneaked a photo of it in the changing room! Well I needed to plan my accessories didn't I?

Same town different shop we found a little something for hubby. 
Having lost out on a few 40's cufflinks on ebay recently, we thought these would probably pass muster and Arthur snapped them up!

Finally, I think,  we had a 9am dash to the charity shop on xmas eve to buy a punchbowl we'd seen  (and subsequently reserved) 

As well as the punch bowl, we bought another vintage tea set (gold patterned) to coordinate with our pink roses.

we also found a perfect little hat for Martha....

I'm secretly extremely jealous of this hat and I'm plotting ways to be able to wear it myself (It goes perfectly with my cardigan!) Why oh why cant our head sizes be the same!!!?

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