Monday, 2 April 2012

{Readers Question} and A guide to 1940s Jeans and what to wear with them

I was recently asked by a a good friend, what a 40s girl would have worn with jeans? There are really two sides to answering this question  so I'll split the post in two...

Part One If you want an authentic look...

Jeans were workwear. Predominantly the realm of men only, but WW2 meant many women were entering the workforce and were looking to wear something practical and hardwearing. Jeans were often refered to as dungerees, overalls or

If you want an authentic workwear look with these think practical - flannel or chambray shirts, woolen jumpers.

 Hard Working Denim on the Farm

W.A.V.E.S. ( Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) in their Denims.

Part two If you want to wear an 40s fashion look...

Ok so you have your 40s / 50s style Jeans and you're looking for something to pair with them to give you that vintage look...

Not got any jeans yet? Try....

Freddies of Pinewood

Vivien of Westwood


For tops the sky is your limit!! And don't just stick to straight jeans either....

Heres some looks I'm loving at the moment on these internet lovelies

Elegant Musings Wearing History Jeans- Short Sleeved Sweater

Sorry I don't know who this girl is butthe tie top looks great with the pedal pushers (more of a 50s look I know but so cute) And I LOVE those cherries!! *desperately trying to keep  focus on the clothes and not the lovely car behind her!!*

Finally Super Kawaii Mama  and a lovely 40s blouse under her Bernie Dexter Dungarees!

So Bunny, and everyone else who was wondering, there you go.... thats the lowdown on 1940s Jeans and what you can wear with them, hope I helped!!!


  1. Youre just the best! I am totally inspired now!! Thank you!!! xox

  2. Such a fab post, thank you very much for inspiring me :)
    R xx


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