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{Beginners Guide) to Vintage Gloves


Rules of Glove Wearing

There are many rules to be observed in the art of Glove Wearing, here are  the main ones:-

* Gloves should be worn when shopping, dancing, visiting and outdoors as well as to a place of worship.    (Basically whenever they would look pretty!)
* Gloves should  not be worn whilst eating, drinking, applying make-up or smoking.
(This is common sense , don't wear gloves when they may get dirty!)
* If gloves get soiled, remove and do not wear until washed.
* Remove your right glove  before shaking hands. If not possible then you should apologise by saying 'pardon my glove'.
* When gloves are removed they should be placed directly in your bag and not carried.
* Remove rings before putting on gloves

I hope they're going straight into your handbag Audrey dear!

Marlene Dietrich 

Types of gloves...

There are many types of gloves and several lengths availablefor you to choose. A general rule of thumb is that  
            "the shorter the sleeve the longer the glove"

Opera Gloves

Three-Quarter (or Coat)  Length Gloves

These are approximately 14" or six-button in length. These may be worn with any length sleeve, tucking under longer sleeves.

Gauntlet Gloves

Suitable for most sleeve lengths, the armpieces are worn over the sleeves.

 Day Gloves

Short gloves finishing at the wrist. Made from cotton or later nylon, also popular were crocheted gloves.

During the 1950s gloves were the finishing touch to any ladies outfit, giving a polished, groomed look. Although cream or white were most popular choice, gloves were now available in a whole range of colours

Choose colours that match compliment or contrast your outfit see my colour post for help

How to find your Glove Size
  • Measure all around your hand with a tape measure. Place tape around the knuckles of your hand (indicated by the red line in the photo below). 

  • Measure your dominant hand - the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.
  • Compare this measurement on the chart below to find your correct glove size!
Note: some manufacturers indicate glove sizes by inches and others by Small, Medium, Large, etc. . Use the tables below to find your size.

Named Size Inches Cm
x-small 6 15
small 17
medium 7 18
large 19
x-large 8 20

If you manage to get yourself a pair of vintage gloves that need a little freshening up,  you can find a guide on how to wash them here


  1. I love this post! I just organized my gloves yesterday. I don't wear them as often as I should. Perhaps I will start! :)

  2. Yes you should! I don't have nearly enough gloves, but what I have I wear as often as possible!! Gloves make me feel so ladylike! x

  3. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Very cute and informative post! Thanks for sharing. : 3 I have always wondered when I should wear my gloves, and how I should carry them if I've taken them off! I shall keep your post in mind.

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  4. We wear too little gloves nowadays if you ask me! Excellent post!

  5. I don't wear a lot my gloves! I have a large suitcase full of them but I don't know why I always want to wear them but they finish in my purse about 10 minutes after leaving house...
    I'm 7.5 and it's aften hard to find large size, mainly in those amazing leather gloves...
    I like Gauntlet Gloves the most. I love opera gloves but they don't fit chubby and small arms like mine!
    Nice post!

  6. Please could you tell me the publication and date of the Dent's Gloves advertisement. I am researching an artist who is known to have done some work for Dent's Gloves and I suspect this picture might be his work. Is there a signature on the picture?

  7. I love all the gloves in the gloves listed - but currently my fav gloves which I am wearing whenever I can really are little leather driving gloves from Black

    Just love the fact that they are back in fashion as well with some of the celebs going retro as well. Ok i might not have a sexy porsche but hey I still rock those gloves!

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