Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Little Fifties Christmas!!

I started writing this post as a compilation of a few of my favourite Christmas Songs! It soon became pretty obvious they were all hailing from the 1950s, so I thought why stop there? So heres a little bit of inspiration to add some 50s fun to your christmas this year!!

I'll kick off with my favourite christmas songs.....

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas - Bing Crosby 1951

Baby It's Cold Outside - Dean Martin 1959

Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow, 1950

Now your in the mood it's trime to send out your xmas cards....

from stylised baubles from the V&A

to cute retro kitties found here

sending retro christmas cards can spread the 50s love!!!

Decorate your finest 50s tree
(you are wearing your matching xmas circle skirt aren't you girls?)
Image via JoCo
Don't forget the tags for the presents...

Change into your fantastic Christmas dress 

VivienofHolloway have simply dozens of perfect 50's styled dresses to choose from!!

And don't forget your Apron!!

I'll leave you with this darling little clip of a family's christmas day in the 1950s....

Wishing you all a fabulous Fifties Christmas!!!

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