Thursday, 29 March 2012

Come and Play!!!

Well what can I say about this wonderful weather we are having here in the UK at the moment? Banished are my winter clothes and out of storage are is my Summer Wardrobe!! I started my journey into vintage at the end of last summer so I don't have many outfits for hotter weather, this has lead me to some online browsing and a garment I have never owned before or even considered (thinking I am too large) but I really did like what I was seeing in these shops.
Ladies, I present to you....

'The Playsuit' noun. a woman's or child's outfit for sports or play, consisting usually of shorts or pants and a shirt, sometimes in one piece.

Playsuits  appeared in the 1940s consisting of a bra top or blouse alongside shirts or a skirt. Sports would be played in the bra top and shorts then the blouse and skirt added over the sportswear afterwards to cover your modesty!. All in ones were main worn as beachwear.

 Isn't Patsy's playsuit and matching skirt lovely in that video, now to get my lounge suit and matching parasol!!

Reproduction suits can be found online in many forms.....

 Two-Piece from Putting on the Ritz

 A one-piece (I think! Description doesnt say!) from Tara Starlet

2012 has also seen a revival of playsuits on the highstreet, with them popping up all over the place...

 Pearl Lowe at Peacocks
New Look


Being tempted by my reseach seems an occupational hazard of mine!! Still £18 can't be sniffed at...

Not liking my peach coloured vest underneath it....shame.

Oh and a word of advice, if you're getting your hubby to take the photos and ask him if the outfit is ok and pulled down ok (hem not sticking out etc....) make sure he knows what you are on about and him think you mean the back zip which he only pulled up halfway for me - d'oh!!

Still, check out that lovely lining!!!
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