Thursday, 19 January 2012

Its Raining.....Again!! Lets Brighten things up!!

Its cold , grey and wet again! What is it with January? If it wasn't for my Birthday, I could gladly fast forward the whole month!!

To keep up with my attempt to  get outside to soak up some Vitamin D where I can, I've been looking online for accessories......

Rain Hoods had definitely slipped in to Granny territory, but I found a couple of companies bringing them up to day for us vintage girls!!!

Firstly from Betty Blue's Loungerie is the Marilyn Rain Bonnet, available in pink or black. I'm just loving those cute bows!!!

I am also totally in love with this leopard Print one from Bubble Betty

It come in this adorable tin to keep your handbag dry!

Of course I could always by tempted by these umbrellas too....

and maybe even this...


  1. Rain is always a problem for me.... most of my vintage shoes are made of suede and I'm looking for a great looking vintage rain coat for many years and didn't manage to find one...
    Fortunatly I have a huge 50s umbrellas collection!!!!

  2. Ah, I only have one pair of suede shoes! But I think you are going to have to show me your umbrella collection Laurence, sounds fab! xx

  3. I love vintage rain gear! I got a pair of rain dears for christmas a few years ago and I love them. I found that this 'ol lady catalogue has very similar ones, but they don't have a heel:

  4. I would look ridiculous in a rain bonnet but love the pagoda umbrella! M x

  5. I love that brooch-such prettiness!! xox

  6. Reading something so beautiful has a healing power for the umbrella


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