Tuesday, 5 June 2012

{How to Guide} Vintage Jelly Moulds and How to Turn out a Jelly!!

I bet you've all wanted perfect Jellys like the ones above haven't you? No problem! You just need to pop to the antique market/ car boot sale / Granny's house and pick up  one of those darling glass moulds you've spied right? 

You'll probably leave it til the day before the party too yes? Make a packet up and turn it out onto your plate just before the guests arrive perfect housewife style! Umm no. 

I bought a lovely fluted jelly mould on my last trip to Devon and couldn't wait to use it! I knew they were tricky so i did a bit of research and greased the glass inside with veg oil before filling with jelly. It didn't work. In fact it didn't work so badly that the centre of the jelly plopped out whilst the outside clung to the edges still *grr* Take two , and a lot of research later I came up with the ultimate guide to turning out Jelly from a glass mould...

1. Wet the mould before pouring the jelly in, (swirling some water around the mould then emptying out should be enough)

2. mixing the jelly at 1 and 1/2 tablets to a pint of water instead of 1 tablet per pint. 

3. When you want to turn out the jelly dip the mould into boiling water for 20 seconds first. 

4. you might need to run a knife around the rim to release the top edge! 

5. Don't forget to wet the plate you are turning it out onto so you can adjust it to centre positon!! 

Hope that helps you achieve your perfect vintage jellies, if not and you still want that mould in your life...Give up - and get one of these lovelies....


  1. My mom always had trouble with the old Tupperware gelatin molds. She gave up using them after throwing away countless jelly.

  2. This post is amazing- all the things I just never knew! Love the jelly moulds as lights- very cool xXx


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