Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Birthday Time!

Yesterday was my birthday, which I am lucky enough to share with my good friend and vintage mama Bunny. Anyhoo between us we got a fair few retro / vintage images sent to us! They inspired me to find more, so here's a carefully selected favourite few, enjoy!

Aren't birthdays great!? I didn't really do too much celbrating but I'll be back soon, when I have the pics to show you what we did get up to!!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! My niece was born yesterday afternoon also! May year year be filled with love, laughter and happiness!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one! :) xo

  3. Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you had a beautiful and relaxing day!! xox

  4. Thanks everybody, I had a lovely day!! X
    Miss ruby - how wonderful! I keep finding more and more people who I share birthdays with!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I love your vintage cards and your Etsy shop. They are so adorable!
    Following your blog. So glad I found it :)


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