Tuesday, 31 January 2012

{Make do and Mend} Dressmaking for Dummies

There weren't many things on my wish list for 2012 , mastering victory rolls and another great 1940s hairdo was on there along with being able to swingdance properly.  

But the main goal on my list was to be able to sew my own clothes!!

Luckily on the same day I was trawling the internet for courses, a flyer came through from my local school offereing a dressmaking for dummies beginners class. I signed stratight up!

It was my first my first week last Thursday and I loved it, theres a good mix of people young and old, old hands(that are self taught) and others new to it all. We were offered a pattern to sew in class, but I didn't like it! I was really after something a little more vintage inspired....

Unfortunately vintage patterns are on the small size for me, so I was  hoping to find retro  inspired patterns instead. I found loads I loved, but set with instructions to buy a skirt pattern with a zip and to bring it to class next week, that discounted quite a few.

In the end I've bought  this pattern....

Not retro at all, but simple! I've bought material to make E (top right) but I'll be adding straps and turning it into a suspender skirt which should be perfect for swing class! I'll also be able to reuse the pattern to make some 40s style pencil skirts!

I've already bought 2 more 40s patterns off eBay!!!!

How about you? Can you sew? I know lots of you that read this do, so, any advice for a beginner? What patterns are good?


  1. I'm soooo excited and happy for you!!! How super fab is this!!! I cannot wait to see all of your creations! xox

  2. Hehe thanks Bunny! Only trouble is my imaginary designs kinda are leaps and bounds in front of my actual (or predicted) sewing skills! lol xx

  3. This was on my new year hopes too. I have pattern and machine but no classes near me or material. But I will get there :-)

  4. Thats a shame Em! Buy some material or an old sheet and just play with your machine. There are lots of tutorials on the web for sewing bags etc and maybe even simple clothes. The whole back row of my class could already sew and were all self taught.

    Try it out, worst case you ruin a sheet and waste a couple of hours!

    Maxine x


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