Monday, 2 January 2012

The skirt I never thought I'd wear


We've all done it I'm sure, spotted that amazing bargain in the shop and bought it only to get home and find it hanging in the wardrobe unused and unloved for weeks or months after.

I bought this skirt, I think for the pricly sum of £1.75, a few months ago. Ooooh I squealed in the shop, a polka dot skirt, in my size I must have it! I'd seen lots of vintage and rockabilly girls wearing polkadots, it must be a wardrobe staple I thought!

Alas, when I got home, it didn't seem such a great buy, it clung to my lumps and bumps and I suddenly looked at the polkadot patter as 'cliche' and 'trying to hard'  and what on earth would I wear it with, my retro blouses are all patterened, my jumpers too plain, and wrong coloured!

It wasn't until the lazy days that lay inbetween xmas and new year that I reached for the skirt again, and decided I'd give it one last try before consigning it to the charity shop pile once more. With a quite home day ahead I slipped on the skirt and remembered a wrap cardi I had,  and ta - da,  although only a flavour of vintage, rather than full on retro I now had another outfit and a use for the skirt at last!!! Sometimes in the quest for wearing a vintage look I seem to overlook some rather nice little outfits, that are all a mile better than the Jeans I would have normally slung on this time last year!!

 Cardi - ebay, Skirt - thrifted, Necklace - scarlet vintage, 
Bracelet - thrifted, Lippy - Rockalily (roulette red)

What are your everyday round the house outfits?


  1. It looks lovely! I must admit that jeans & jodphurs are my staples as living with multiple dogs, cats & horses they are just the most practical things to wear when mud abounds!

  2. Thanks!! Potentially muddy situations are my downfall. No dogs or horses here but we do alot of campind and woodland days out, I'm gradually trying to move from my old stuff of walking boots jeans and big black waterproof coat to more vintage inspired attire, but its a bit difficult to be honest!


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