Thursday, 1 December 2011

{Beginners Guide} Why everyone should own a red lipstick and 5 easy steps to wearing it!

Red Lipstick and the Vintage Look seems to go hand in hand doesn't it???

Before I got into vintage, I hardly wore make up. So confronted with the notion that a vintage look had to involve a bright red lipstick, I was rather scared!!

If you've not taken that step into red lipstick yet then I know exactly how you feel and I'm here to hold your hand!! Here are five easy steps to becoming a red lipped vintage lovely!!

Step One

Find out what shade suits you. Every skin shade suits a different shade of red lipstick. What? different reds? Why yes! All red lipsticks have different undertones, blue, orange etc
Choosing the correct one can even mean whiter teeth and a brighter skin tones!

Black or Brown haired girlies with a warm complexion should choose shades of red with brown undertones, golden, deep, and coral colours.
Dark hair but cool complexion, choose shades of red that are plum, burgundy or cherry red
Blonde Bombshells with warm complexions should buy reds that are coral, orange or copper undertones.
Cool Complexion blondes need to look for blue undertones  or plum.
Redheads with warm complexions should buy brighter and orangey shades of red
Cool complexion redheads can buy bluebased reds, plums and berry tones

 {Extra Tips}

*An Orange/ Coral based lipstick will have brown undertones , a blue based one will have blue!
*A great place to test a lipstick to see if it suits your undertones is on the inside of your wrist (wear the sun hasn't caught you as much!
* Blue based lippy is perfect for paler skins and will make your teetch seem whiter
*Orange based lippy works will with olive skin tones

Step Two

Ease your way into it. Once you've got the right shade you don't have to go full out with the lipstick. A great trick is to apply a lipbalm to your lips then apply your lipstick over the top using your finger! This will create a more subtle lipstain effect. Start wearing your red lipstick this way as much as you can without feeling uncomfortable

Step Three

Time to step up to the full red lipstick look. First of all practice applying your lipstick at home - don't wait for the evening of your do!!!
Do you need a lip primer or pencil? Worrying if your lipstick is bleeding or feathering isn't going to help put you at ease is it?

How to apply your lipstick....

1. Apply any primer as directed on the package.

2. Outline your lips with a lip pencil, draw around your natural lip line or recreate the fullness of lips you want with the line drawn. (This is a great time to even out wonky or uneven lips)

3. Fill in with lipstick using a lipbrush. Load up your brush and paint your lips!

4.When you've covered them , blot with a tissue, then reapply a second coat if needed.

Now look in the mirror...... don't you look gorgeous?

Step Four

No? You looked in the mirror and you're still not sure? Ok - no need to go out just yet, keep practising putting it on and wearing around the house, the more you do this the less nervous you'll feel when you finally want to go out in it!
And yes, when the postman rings, you may want to scrub it off before you answer the door but seriously answer it!! Its  only going to be 30 seconds and you'll be looking down at the signing sheet for most of it!

Still not quite there? try going out alot more using the lipstain idea and gradually build up the amount of lipstick you add.

Step 5

You're finally feeling ok-ish about the idea of wearing it outside - yay!! Now pick your battles, I wouldn't suggest wearing it on the school run, or particularly anywhere you will bump into someone you know sans make up. Go out somewhere, anywhere! A walk in the country, shopping, sightseeing and enjoy your day! Then gradually ease in days where you'll know people, and then a 'look at me' outing. Soon you'll forget ever being nervous and wearing red lippy will be the norm!!

Rockalily Roulette Red

A little bit more, just so you know....

* the first time I wore red lippy to school was about 4 months into wearing  it out, and it was only a quick dash in to pick my daughter up for a dentist! I forgot I was wearing any till we got out!
* I now feel somethings missing if I haven't got red lips!
* I just bought my third red lipstick, and have already picked out my 4th!

And the Why....

Well, why not?
Red Lipstick is fabulous, its the cherry on the cake! 
No time before you go out? A slick of red lippy and you're ready to go!
It will brighten up your whole outfit.
Unlike your most expensive jewellery or  most exquisite dress, you can wear it everyday and feel a million dollars!!
Its a real confidence booster!


  1. I started wearing red lipstick, man, many years ago when my then boyfriend told me not to wear lipstick as it made me look like a tart. (It wasa very subtle lippy). Being contrary I went straight to a store and bought a red one!

    I do remember that I in my teens longed to wear red lipstick but everyone wore pink and I didn't have the courage. :D

  2. well done isis, !!!
    I've only ever really worn nude before this! Its very hard to be the one that wears something different to their friends.
    What shade do you wear now I wonder?

  3. I prefer blue-toned red. I really like Rockalilly's lipsticks:

    But I recently, finally, got myself some samples of Bèsame and they are really outstanding. I like Bèsame Red, Cherry Red and Red Velvet. Yopu can find somewhat wordier reviews on both Rockalilly and Bèsame on my blog. :)

  4. Great tips- however a vintage look doesn't HAVE to mean red lipsticks- pinks, corals and browns were also popular. It's just red lipstick is the current convention and works well with a range of vintage styles.

    I wear rockalily too- their summer edition 'Mermaid', which is a coral. My current favourite red is Avon's 'little red dress red 2000'.

  5. Thanks Perdita!
    Yes you are exactly right, I just wrote about red this time because it can be a 'big step' for newbies! I'm currentely guilty of just wearing red at the mo though, so I must branch out into the other colours! xx


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