Monday, 16 January 2012

A Drive in the Country

At the weekend we bought a new car, which gave me the best opportunity to suggest to Hubby we went for a little Sunday Drive! We decided to drive across the Somerset Levels and I suggested we might stop at Wedmore and stretch our legs!
Nestled on the edge of the levels with the mendips in the background, its a very picturesque town, Full of hidden lovelies! We driven through a few times but never stopped.  Being Sunday, all but the village shop were closed,  but it was nice to have a wander and see where we might like to come back too later on...

 We found this gorgeous bike outside a gallery

Then wandered up Church Street, and through the graveyard

I spotted the Old Post Office. Now I always daydream I have an old  house with shopfront windows, and this was soo quaint (I'm a sucker for sage green window frames and doors).  I'm not even sure what I would even do with an old shop? Probable just have it as a coffee come craft area and just invite all my friends to call each day!!

 Flowers were out around the village but it was bitterly cold (sorry hubby) so we turned around and headed back to the car

 Although I did spot this shop on the way, it seemed to have a good mix of vintage housewares and clothing so I'll be planning a return trip soon...

Hope you all had a nice weekend too!!!

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