Wednesday, 4 January 2012

{Film Night) Charade (1963) - Audrey Hepburn & Cary Grant

This holiday season, hubby and I  have been treating ourselves to a few classic films. Arthur being a big Cary Grant fan this was one of our first films we chose, and I must say it didn't disappoint!

Billed as a Comedy - Thriller genre, Reggie Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) plays the widow of a thief who has just been murdered. She befriends Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) to help her as her husbands cronies try to find the lost loot. But is he in on it ? Who knows? 

I'm always wary of a film where hubby can guess the outcome before me, as he did with this one,  but 20 minutes later we were both proved wrong. With twists and turns all the way up to the final credits you'll be thoroughly hooked in !
Oodles of sassy dry wit, from both stars and plenty of comedy situations, it doesn't lack in the humour department at all!

Finally, with a backdrop of Paris , Grant's charm and Hepburn's Style this film oozes chic. 

Loved this mustard coat!

Leopard Hat anyone?

stylish spy!

I really can't recommend this film enough, its become a favourite of ours already and its a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon watch!!

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