Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A weekend in Frome!

Part Two {Sunday}

I don't know why I ever complained there was nothing to do here, I think it was just the matter of going to the first thing - one event inevitably leads to more!!!

I've been meaning to go to to one of the Markets 'on the hill' ever since I saw the first poster for it in a Catherine Hill Shop window, even pre-vintage me was sorely tempted! And with gorgeous posters like this who wouldn't be....


Held monthly throughout the warmer months and with special one-offs at christmas etc, I always seemwed to be busy when they were on. But as the season has now slowed Sunday Morning we took ourselves off to Frome.

We parked in the town centre and wound our leisurly way through the 'Frome Flea' before we started our ascent on the hill!!

Lots of lovelies on sale at the flea, but I'm always so nervous to blatantly take photos of stalls!!! Here's a couple I managed to snap discreetly...


I couldn't help but snap this Coffee Bar in an old Citroen Van


This lady set her stall out so sweetly with twine bundled books, Hubby had his eye on the train for a while!!

I loved all these mirrrors set out, and if we had our 1930s pad, I'd had bought a couple I'm sure!

The Hill was absolutely packed! So we hardly had a chance to see any stalls on the way up!! I've looked at some other photos from past fairs and I'm sure this was an exception to the norm so I shan't be put off going again!!

So we battled past the crowds until we found refuge in Poot! Ah good old Poot! Aparently we'd just missed Mr B perusing their rails earlier - what good taste he has!! They'd rung in the week to say they had a grey 40s suit in, in Hubby's size and would we like to come in and try it? Don't you just love shops like that? Although when you walk in and they call you by name, a little voice does question 'just how often do you 'pop in!'' Don't stop it though Hayley, I love it!! So, anyhoo, the he passed on the suit but bought a pair of 40s trousers and an original CC41 shirt! Grr how does hubby find all these gems not me!!
On our exit, I found a darling stall selling felt brooches and  bought myself a nice red one to compliment my new  Heyday Mary dress next weekend :)

Cheap Street seemed quite deserted in comparison!!!

As the weather was unseasonable mild for December I also took it as a last chance to wear a summer dress I had bought this cardi to go with!!

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