Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Retro Christmas Tipples

I'm sure I'm not alone on this one but people seem to have special drinks they associate with christmas time! (and if you don't drink stay tuned I have some treats for you too)

From a  mulled wine at the Christmas Nativity, to a Sherry left out for Santa, there seems to be an assortment of nostalgic tipples, here are a few of my favourites....

For me, christmas morning has memories of my mother making snowballs as a pre dinner drink and me sneaking the bubbles and cherry from the top! This tradition has now passed full circle and my daughter now pinches the bubbles from my christmas morning drink!!!

{Snowball Recipe}

Place 2 measures of Advocaat and 1/4 measure of Lime Cordial
into a glass. 
Top up with Lemonade and 
add a glace cherry!!

The next Christmas Tipple for me has to be a local, Babycham! I spent my childhood peering out my window when we went through Shepton Mallet, craning my neck to see the larger than life Babycham deer!

Babycham is a light sparkling Perry and was lauched in 1953. It was also bought in every year by my parents 'especially for guests at christmas'!

Now to start a few traditions of my own.....

Popular in the 50s, I'm looking forward to trying this on a cold Christmas Evening

{Hot Buttered Rum}

Place1 teaspoon of caster sugar in a warmed glass
Add ¼ cup boiling water, ¼ cup dark rum, 1 tablespoon butter
 Sprinkle with nutmeg & serve

{Mulled Ginger Wine}

We're big fans of ginger beer here, so when I saw this on the shelf the other day, I had to pick up a bottle!!
Seems a pretty good candidate for a new xmas drink!

{Non Alcoholic Tipples}

Lots of us don't drink when were at Parties, designated drivers, on meds, children sharing drinks etc so its a great idea to have a few non alcoholic drinks available...

No quite sure how this one came about other than, the children wanted a cocktail on xmas eve....

{Kids Christmas Eve Cocktail}

Add 1 tsp sugar to a tumbler 
Add 2 quarters of lime and muddle
Add 1/2 glass of crushed ice
Top up glass with lemonade
Decorate with loads of umbrellas and gawdy fab decorations!!! 

{Mock Champagne Punch}

Combine I litre of chilled sparkling water and chilled ginger ale.
Add 3 cups of chilled white grape juice.
Serve immediately in champagne glasses

{Mulled Wine Alternative}
I'm not claiming to have a recipe for this only a tip on what I do... take a normal mulled wine recipe and substitute a red grape shloer or similar for the wine. I've also just warmed up shloer with a mulled wine spice bag in it to infuse flavours, adding sliced clementines!
Quick, easy and infinitely quaffable!

{Christmas Coffees}

Add some christmas flavours to your hot drinks with a teaspoon of syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, this list is as long as your imagination!!
Spinkle on a festive design to your cappuccinos....

Chin Chin! And remember to drink responsibly!

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