Thursday, 15 December 2011

{Make do and mend} leaping deer brooch


 How do you get over the Wednesday midweek slump?
Recentely I've  been devoting my wednesdays to a bit of Make Do and Mend time!!

I began by signing up for a Bunting Workshop at Millie Moons in Frome. This was just to get me back into the swing of 'making stuff' amazingly I was treated to a one-on-one lesson with the instructor and was amazed to find I went home with something I was extremely proud of and could replicate at home using bits of material from my stash!

Since then I've stuck to the 'do something crafty' on a wednesday and I've been popping around to my mums for a coffee and a sewing lesson. We've taken up hems, fixed holes in school trousers etc, all jobs I've previously dropped off with nanny to fix and collected a week later!! We've even got ambitious and made a vintage style pettycoat for under my gingham dress.

 Look you can just see it under there!!

Yesterday, however, we were both busy so I stayed home. The creative urge still struck me though, so I made this leaping deer brooch in the afternoon! What do you think? I love it,! and I think I've found a new hobby, small, cute and transportable - sounds perfect!

Felt badges we very popular in the 1940s so I'll  have plenty of inspiration.....


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