Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lovely Tweedyness and An Evening of Chap Hop!!!

Did you ever notice that as soon as you stop looking, everything eventualy comes to you? This week has kinda been one of those!!

After the end of 'the season' and a little lull in our vintage activities this weekend was cram packed full of lovely goodness! To break up a potentially picture heavy post, I'll break it up into two posts!

Part One {Saturday}

First off we found a couple of lovely things in the shop in the village, a scarf for hubby and a 'can bung it on to keep me warm on the school run - without the kids getting too embarrassed' hat for me!!

 Luckily these both suited our outfit requirements for the evening as we had tickets to see the rather dapper Mr B Gentleman Rhymer performing in  his rather brilliant style of Chap Hop.

For those not in the know,  Wiki describes Chap Hop as ' a variety of music originating from England that mixes the hip hop genre with elements from the steampunk subculture and stereotypical English obsessions such as cricket, tea and the weather.'  but it is oh so much more than that!!  

The invite proclaimed .....

On a one-man mission to introduce Hip-Hop to the Queen's English, Mr. B is delighted to present Chap-Hop.

Having spent the best part of a decade bringing some manners back to popular culture, this dopest of fellows will entertain and amuse you with his ingenious stylings.Aiming to dazzle with dignity, Mr. B takes to the stage with his Banjolele and stiff upper lip to perform ditties of pipe-smoking, high society, Cricket and sexual misadventure, as well as some more well-known pieces from the world of Hip-Hop, re-worked in true Chap-Hop fashion.

A side note of  Tweed jackets/flat caps and false moustaches welcome, we donned our tweed and headed to Frome!!!

Gosh, you really don't want to know how many outfits I tried on before I chose this one!!!

The night itself was absolutely fantastic! And it wasn't just the man himself we were also treated to some super support acts, Frome's finest poet "Muriel Lavender", and some of our favourite Burlesque girls Dulcie Demure and Lola Pinch! As well as a rather spiffing new band from Frome, Indigo Children.

Thinking we'd seen the last of him for the evening we had a rather nice surprise of Mr B as Dulcie's 'Diet Coke Break' Bloke!!!

Luckily I think he's in both Bristol and Swindon soon, so we shan't have to wait too long to see him again!!!

Pip Pip!!


  1. You and your hubby look fab in tweed-I think I may need some in my wardrobe now hehehe xox

  2. Thanks Bunny! Yes every wardrobe needs tweed -I love it but thats our climate over here (perfectly suited to tweed). I do have another tweede buy winging it way to me as we speak, I fear its the start of an addiction teehee! xx


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