Sunday, 11 December 2011

It takes a while to get a 1940s look!!

I'm not quite sure everyone realises how long it takes to pull together a 40s look.
I've read articles that timetable a housewifes beauty routines and these often involve a couple of hours before bedtime plus another in the morning! Now there is no way I ever would have time for all that and I positively salute all those vintage girls who take time to pincurl or set their hair in rollers ever night - I really am a panic at the last minute girl!

However, having an invitation to a christmas luncheon this afternoon I  set out with the very best intentions and did very well!!

I picked out my new Heyday Mary dress and laid it out last night, I  planned the rest of my accessories and set them out too. I even went to bed early like a good little girl!

This morning I  started my hair and makeup routine a couple of hours before we were due to depart. Of course, like clockwork my victory rolls flopped and I had to redo my hair in an elegant sweeping style instead- no worries, this is why I started so early!! All this was made easier as the children were at nanny's on a sleepover.  Taking a break, I rang nanny to see when she'd be dropping them back? 'Quarter to twelve' was the reply! Right, 11:45 that gives us 35 minutes to change the childrens clothes and head back out the door. No problem, I went up to their wardrobes and laid out a choice of outfits for them to change into (aren't I good - still smiling smugly!) The children return informed by nanny 'be quick now! We don't want you to arrive late for the meal', eagerly they run upstairs....

"Muuuumy I can't find my tights!"
"I've put your white socks on the bed"

"But I'll be cold, I want tights!"
 I run about looking for a pair for her,finally i find tights - unfortunately with holes!!
Hubby runs to drier to retrieve another pair of tights, but they're still wet!
Puts tights on radiator to dry whilst reminding son he needs to apply brylcream to his hands before he rubs it on his hair or he'll end up with white lumpy bits
"but thats how daddy showed me to do it"
run upstairs and show daddy how to apply brylcream, whilst fixing a brooch into my hairsytle as an elegant flourish!
Run backdownstairs, grabbing vintage handbag and gloves!
Check tights are drying - they're dry -yay!!  Give them to daughter and lend her bobbypins so she can do her hair, whilst running out the door

Head out to the car, get in and check clock 12:30 'is that clock right' 'yes!'whoops we're supposed to be there! Drive quickly and arrive at Hotel!

As we are going in, stop and ask hubby to take a photo of me *daggers look*
'we're late remember?'
'oh yes'

Finally we find the room where everyone is having pre dinner drinks. We walk through the door and everyone turns to look at us and smiles! Hey, hopefully we did something right!

Surely they must realise, it takes a while to look like this!!!!


  1. LOL Omg I love this post! Its sooo true! It does take a while to get ready let alone to dress up from a totally different era! And to add to that work-you have to make sure the children are all tended to...sheesh I say a mothers wk is NEVER ever done! LOL I'm glad you had a good time-everyone looked fab!! xox

  2. Yes i8ndeed, I think you managed very well!


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