Monday, 12 December 2011

{Inspiration} Tuesday Dance Night - Are you Swinging?

If you're one of my followers over on facebook you'll know Tuesdays are Dance Nights for me and the hubby!!

We signed up a few weeks back for Lindy Hop dance classes with Hoppin Mad in Bath. We've really enjoyed our first few classes, not to mention dressing up for them! To begin with I'd been wearing a skirt and blouse combo in various guises....

Last week though, it seems as though a few of us had had a silent memo to switch to trousers!! Quite a few of the ladies had gone from dresses and skirts to swing pants so here's some inspiration for swing inspired outfits...

 Lets Start with the shoes....

As you can see from the piccy above, I'm a bit partial to the two tone variety!!!

Saddle Shoes
If you're a beginner dancer, flats might be a more sensible option...

WingTip Mary Janes


 These suspender pants are very tempting!

I love these tie tops with the trousers, but just for the next few months I'd go for a jumper instead

And actually, to get me out of the house on those cold January nights, I'd be awfully pleased if Santa brought me a pair of these wool ones!!

I really can't to wait to buy a nice swing dress for the spring, but until them I think Swing trousers should do just fine! 
What about you? What do you like to go dancing in?

*edited to add - we found our classes through the website Are You Dancing if you are in the UK you can search by area for classes and dances near you!

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