Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Winter Woolies

Theres no denying it, foogy mornings, seeing your breath in front of you, and the dropping temperatures, winter is definitely trying to arrive!! A that signals for me, it's time to pull out the kniwear!!! Jumpers and Cardis for me have always been the ultimate comfortwear. However in the past that has sometimes meant big baggy and shapeless!?
This year I'll be looking for something more refined for snuggling up in, and that for me means browsing those vintage (and vintage inspired) knits!

Heres my latest buy to kick us off, I love the flower detail - and yes yet again I've taken the boring route and bought grey!!!

And this gorgeous mustard cardi of Solanah's is my ultimate 'must have' but I havent found one yet!! It has inspired several mustard colour buys though this season!!!

Sometimes original knitwear from the 40s  can be difficult to source so  retro inspired or reproductions can be really useful here, and luckily the shops are full of them at the moment...

If you are lucky you'll be able to knit ( not I!) or know someone that can, then you can pick up a vintage pattern from etsy or ebay and recreate to your hearts contents! In case you don't then there are companys where you can chose from vintage desins to be knitted. Try Cissie's Vintage Knitwear

This ones my favourite ....

So whats your favourite piece of knitwear in your vintage wardrobe, the piece that goes with everything or is stunningly beautiful? Or whats the piece that you are lusting after and yet to find this winter??

If I've whetted your appritite for knitwear head over to michelesvintageknitwear for more lovely inspiration!


  1. Fantastic links! I love them!!! Brrr it is getting cold...heres to five months of cold and winter-fun-NOT! LOL xox


  2. Hi! Just found your blog through Penny Dreadful Vintage!

    Did you know that Solanah knit that sweater herself?

    Great blog!

  3. these sweaters are so cute - your blog is lovely!

  4. Hi Lisa, no I didn't realise that!!!! Now I don't know if I'm sad oir not about it, if its home knitted by her I'll never happen on one in a shop here!? Grr I wish I could knit!! x

    PrettyOddWonders - hello and thank you, they are pretty wonderful aren't they! x


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