Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tea Parties and Stocking Stuffers

I love Tea Parties, who doesn't?!! Cake, Tea, Dancing , Music and good company what isn't there to like?

I've been after a vintage tea set so I can recreate it at home for aaaaages, but have never found the one that's 'just right', until last week, when I became the new owner of this lovely set of trios (cup, saucer and plate) from Ebay.....

Of course, because I haven't bought a full set I'm still on the look out for the perfect TeaPot, SugarBowl and MilkJug!! But its a beginning and aren't they lovely!!!

So with all this lovely tea party-ness about the place I've come up with some fab tea party inspired christmas gift ideas for you all!

If you fancy making these yourself check out Betty Bee's Tutorial!

Wouldn't this make a fab activity!!

Go click over there not here - it won't work! I'm hoping to do a review of this book so keep watching!!

Hope these give you some inspiration, till next time my lovelies!!

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