Wednesday, 23 November 2011

{Beginners Guide to } Getting "into" the Vintage Scene

The Vintage Mafia girls - Never short of an invite!

By no means do I declare I am "there" yet but for someone at the very beginning of their vintage journey there may be a few hints and tips I can share.

When I began this journey, we had the passion and a bit of the look but nowhere to go!  It always seemed to me like everything vintage that I lusted after was happening far far away, possibly London or Norwich or even in the good ole US of A and Australia! What was lil vintage me going to do stuck in Somerset?

1. Look at what events there are in your area? Do they have a website or facebook page? 

Use facebook to connect with people who enjoy your era, search 'vintage tea party' or '1940s' in the search bar and see what comes up, are any in your area look at the larger area groups such as northern forties or sw re enactments, then see if anyone is from your town.

2. If there is something on in your area - go to it!!!

Be it a vintage fair a ww2 show or a tea party, go along and give it a go! You'll soon find out which bits you enjoy and which you don't!

3. Don't commit to just one era (at least not straight away!)

Although I'm very much part of the1940s family when we attend events, everything from 1920s - 1950s appeals to me and thanks very much to PanAm I've just bought my first early 60s inspired dress!! Go to lots of things, let all the styles wash over you and see where you settle!

4. What did they used to do in your favourite era?

Dancing, Tea Parties, Burlesque, Make do and Mend? Each of these areas gives you scope to find more like minded people. Like knitting or want to learn? Get along to a knitting cafe or group, chances are you'll find more like minded souls there. Our first "vintage event" in our area was a burlesque night. Just being in a venue with so many other people that enjoyed dressing up made me feel more confident in my attire! Events very often have flyers and posters for other things you might enjoy hanging about on the day - pick them up!!!

5. Vintage Shops

Chat to the assistants or owner, they probably work there because they are hopefully passionate about vintage, do they know of anything coming up? check out the flyers on the counter or posters in the windows

6. Read magazines

Even back copies will have events in them, check online if they are on again. Some great magazines we've fouind so far include milkcow, vintage life and best of british

7. Use Blogs

Read and subscribe to as many vintage blogs as you can and clickity click on all the blog lists down the side , chances are they are vintage too!! Don't be afraid to leave a comment asking a direct question about something!

8. Join Forums

There are plenty of great forums out there, try the FedoraLounge, 1940s social network, Worldwide Vintage Network

7. Talk to EVERYBODY!

Stall holders at fairs (ask them where they will be next?) The performers at shows (where else can you see them? do they run classes?) Shop owners (have they heard of any good events coming up?) The lady sitting next to you in the knitting cafe / sewing class (have you done any other classes? - maybe theres another great place in the next town?)

I hope that gets you started branching out and finding other kindred souls and events? Ad when you have that great once in a million invitation - don't forget to invite me!!!

Don't for get to comment and leave any tips you have too!!!


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