Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween has got to be my favourite holiday - yes probably even more so than christmas (but only just!) I guess it must be the dressing up and I've always be partial to Poe!
Every year I say I'll deck the house out, but I never get around to it. I have the perfect idea in my head and somehow I guess reality might not live up to it!! Its an antique skulls, cobweb candelabras and perched ravens kinda look, without an orange pumpkin in sight!!!

image - brooklyn limestone

Oh well, maybe next year....

My second dilemma was what to wear to the Shoscombe Spook, refusing to buy an off the peg costume I planned to wear my new autumn dress, burnt orange and polka dots (halloweeny yes?) but I found out we were supposed to wear costumes for the kids party aswell so I wore that friday!
If in doubt go with something familiar, so I pulled out my wedding dress from the wardrobe, my trusty beaded chocker and bought a new long black wig (£2.50 at Sainsbury - bargain!) some facepaint and makeup later....ta da...

Corpse Bride!!!!

What did you all wear?

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