Saturday, 8 October 2011

Very Vintage Weekend Part 2 - Wiltshire Tea Party

Yesterday, we travelled to Malmesbury and spent the afternoon sipping earl grey and enjoying a delightful afternoon of vintage entertainment and shopping!!!!

As predicted the weather had turned chilly, so it was a great excuse to wear my fabulous winter coat!
I also um'd and ah'd over wearing my snood today, but finally decided on my hat with a nice little hair roll at the front!

The Tea Party organised by Lavinia was great, we had early grey and lemon drizzle cake all served on vintage china.

The crowd that turned up was amazing, lots of lovely fashion to gaze at and many interesting characters. We had a most enjoyable game of dominos with Pike (one of the Blitz Brothers ) and chatted with facebook friends!

Entertainment was top notch with a retro DJ , a rockabilly singer, burlesque performance and dancing displays!

I didn't find too much today to buy, a vintage game of lotto and a book on retro hairstyling. I did spot these outside in a charity shop window, but it was closed!

I also found this in the carpark.... and after George and Gracie's V8 Pilot, this is my very next favourite vintage vehicle fantasy buy!

Hubby on the other hand splashed his cash very nicely....

A genuine WW2 USAAF uniform!! :)
(be still my heart!)

Livinia was talking about more tea parties in the near future, so keep your ears open, and come along for some vintage fun!!

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