Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stepping Out.... at Avon Valley Railway

Well I've busy busy of late caught up in day to day things I'm sure I'll work into the blog in good time. But what a fantastic weekend we had last weekend at Avon Valley Railway! But wait I hear you cry, you said they went having any 1940s events now? Well they wernt but we had a family pass we had won at a silent auction last autumn. With the valid until date looming and a forecast of a great sunny weekend we decided to step out all by ourselves but in a glorious 40s fashion!!

We've never been to any events where no one else has dressed up yet, even feeling a little self concious at ones where everyone is in costume, on some occassions! But I shouldn't have worried one bit, when we arrived there were murmors from people in the cafe enjoying their tea and cakes that 'there must be an event on' I smiled and walk on. On the platform a lady walking passed me and blurted out ' you look fabulous' She must have thought I was a bit odd cause all I probably went bright red and spluttered out 'um, Thanks!' My confidence went sky high after that though :)

On the train we played vintage games, cards and picniced!

Being my normal photo crazed self It was during me taking several picks of the family that the gentleman opposite asked if anyone had taken a photo of all 4 of us together yet? Well when he offered I snapped his arm off, we never get one of us as a family!!!

So really our first time going out in period dress by ourselves was a complete success and something we'd like to do again soon!

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  1. I love these pics. Your kids are both adorable!! I love compliments from random strangers, it always brightens my day. And you do look fabulous!!


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