Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunny Sundays and Lazy Bike Rides

 Today was supposed to be the day the good weather ended. Don't you just love it when they get it wrong? A little cooler, hence the cardi but still glorious sunshine!! Son and I went out for a bike ride to the local shops and park...

Todays outfit totally inspired by Miss Audrey Hepburn!!!

(Photos by my very  lovely son!!)

Then we went home for afternoon tea and cake, enjoying our extra day of good weather!


  1. Your dress is gorgeous! The cakes look very yummy, I'm glad to read you had such a good day :)
    Best wishes.
    R xx

  2. Your son is sooo handsome! Watch out girls!!! I love these photos-what a lovely day spent together-too sweet! As are the cakes-yum! I cannot wait to meet one day-we will have such fun together!!!! xox

  3. Thanks Rebecca, its an old one from Joules, I figure Polkadots are always a good choice!! The cakes were delicious, hubby said those words all married woman secretly long to hear ' they're better than my mums!' hehehe.

    Bunny, I'm so biased but yeh he is a little cutie! And YES that day will come and will be great! I already plan it in my coffee break daydreaming....


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