Monday, 16 April 2012

The Little Paris Kitchen

Have you seen this cookery program yet? I bought the cook book last week after catching a couple of episodes. Its the last one tonight but you should still be able to catch them on still for a little while.

Rachel Khoo left Croydon in the U.K for Paris six years ago where she trained as a french pastry chef. She lives in a tiny but lovely French apartment, cooking in a kitchen where she can touch all four walls from the same place! From a two ring burner and compact oven she cooks simple French food with minimal fuss and even ran a resturant from her front room!

Betty Bee  interviewed Rachel a little while ago on her blog here

Rachel is totally living my fantasy of living in Paris and cooking whilst wearing red lipstick and running about from patisserie to boloungerie in a wonderfully vintage inspired wardrobe!! She's had many outfits this series I've fawned over...unfortunately not many seem to be on the net!!

 This was my favourite dress!!!

Polka dots feature very heavily in Rachels wardrobe

 Classic French Mac

 Deviation from her normal dresses, Rachel in a jumper and skirt.

Apparently I'm not the only one and Easy Living has an online section, where you can 'Shop Her Look'


  1. I love this program!! there is some serious dress and lipstick envy going on ;) xx
    dont you just LOVE her little flat ?!?!


  2. It's my favourite cookery show on at the moment. I love her style, and some of her dishes look so delicious.
    R xx


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