Monday, 23 April 2012

Dirty works - budget buy review

Now I'm as much of a sucker as the next vintage gal for a bit of Retro 
packaging. So, when I spotted the dirty works on the shelves of 
Sainsburys I had to try some. 

I started with some of the 'hardware' rather than the toiletries and 
bought the compact mirror and a retractable lipbrush. 
Christmas time I was given a DW toiletry bag containing a lipgloss, day cream 
and another mirror - whoops. As wells a few more things from the range, 
brushes and case, clippers, tweezers and a trio of toiletries
I was pretty pleased with the Day Cream, it quite thick, but absorbs 
quickly. My skin is very dry and it keeps it moisturised fairly well, 
although not quite for as long as my normal cream. 
The lipgloss smells lovely, it is a nice natural colour - but is 
ever so sticky!
Across the web I've read a few review on the toiletries and opinions are 
Read The PrincessPrudence's review of the face wash here 
and more products on Victoria-Vinage's blog here
All of the other (non toiletry gifts) were fab, well made , fun graphics 
- vintage belles, glossy black or powder blue and polka dots! 
I would definitely recommend these to add to your makeup bag!

So when I was on the look out recently for a new eye cream I decided to 
give the DW one a try. First impressions weren't good, 
I opened the box and the tube took up less that 
half the box - a pet hate of mine!
Come on, Sainsburys we don't need wasted packaging! 
But the cream inside was pretty good, not to greasy, it went on easily 
and seemed to reduce the appearance of any fine lines. 
In fact, all seems great until I went downstairs 5 minutes later and hubby asked 
what had happened to my eyes?? 
My skin had turned red where i'd applied the cream - Eek not a good look! 

So unfortunately the cream was not good for me :( 
And if you have slightly sensitive skin 
I'd definitely say give this one a miss.
Overall, I'd say it is a range of two halves! 
People (myself included)seem to love the hardware, bags, tools etc 
but the toiletries are a bit hit and miss!
Luckily its cheap enough to give it a little try and make up you own mind.  


  1. have you had any experience of the soap and glory range ??


  2. Hi Georgia, I haven't I'm afraid. You'll often find me lingering around the S & G shelves in Boots, maybe even picking it up. But inevitably something cheaper catches my eye and pulls me off elsewhere!

    I might have to buy some now - just so I can answer your question!! ;)


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