Friday, 13 April 2012

New Skirts And Skate Parks....

Forgive me, again, for the lack of posts. Its the Easter hols and family life has taken over a bit! Easter break also meant the last of my sewing lessons. I finished my skirt in time -and begun a new dress - but since the holidays began I haven't had time to pull out the machine at all :-(

I must of had a subconcious Thursday (sewing lesson night) pull though because yesterday afternoon, I bought this fabric and knocked up something with little miss. Nothing vintage, just a self drafted skirt in a Retro pattern! We sewed it together - fun challenge! 

It only took an hour or so from measuring to wearing - most of that threading the elastic and breaking the bodkin in an all to narrow channel! Little miss was rather impressed I'm pleased to say, but did turn round at the end and ask....'but mummy why did YOUR SKIRT take so long to sew?' 

Today she wore it when we headed back to her new found hobby of skateboarding! 

Of course her second favourite pastime is modelling!!

Son swapped between bike and board all day. They're still beginners but they've got alot more confidence in the past few days!!

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