Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy May Day

Today, the first day of May is officially May Day here in the UK. (Although our MayDay Bank Holiday is next Monday).

How are you celebrating? It would have been lovely to dress up in  a gorgeous summer dress and frolick through a meadow smelling wild flowers and picknicing by a small stream as the butterflies flitted by....

But alas, this is England and it is raining! So I am tucked up inside in  high waisted trousers and a cherry red bow jumper. My nod at May Day are the strawberries on my new summer blouse I thrifted at the weekend!

Local town flooded yesterday - thats a road the river is by the houses!!

Even though it its as grey as a battleship outside - and probably twice as wet! - I can't help thinking of summer and browsing lovely vintage summer dresses on the web and decorating the house for summer....

What are your vintage summer plans, wardrobe or otherwise?


  1. We're having some blue sky and dry weather over here in Germany for our May Day. It was really hot over the last weekend and very sunny^^
    For our vintage holiday we'll be visiting the Screamin' Festival in Spain. I hope I can finish sewing my playsuit/sarong dress untill then^^

  2. It's raining again here today. Hoping to see the Queen in Yeovil tomorrow! Hope the sun shines on her ... and us!

  3. That sounds lovely Sunshishi May should be sunny! The rain has finally stoppeed here so we have blue sky and white clouds too. Looking forward to seeing your finished clothes. The material looks very pretty, i've been looking at your blog but can't read German I'm afraid! x

    VJ - I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow, that sounds like a great day! x


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