Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summer, picnics and ginger beer, leapfrog and hopscotch...

Ah the long days of summer, picnics and ginger beer, leapfrog and hopscotch...

Ok, so here in the UK summer so far has been pants! This was a rare sunny evening at Granny's where shunning the TV they went outside and played :) 
Summer went on forever when I was a kid, hopscotch drawn on the road in the turning circle was my game of choice, if I wasn't off den building with my brother (pretending to be swallows and amazons or the famous 5!)  What were your favourite childhood summer games / memories?

All this rain has meant I've had plenty of time inside sewing, you can check out my creations at  here or here

Lil Vintage Makes is  also on Facebook and Twitter too

I'd be ever so chuffed if you could join me!!!


  1. A fond summer memory was being at my grandma's house. I have a zillion memories and I can see her home in my head sometimes-like its been etched into my brain LOL xox

  2. Thank you for dropping by and your lovely words of kindness - that cheered me up no end. How lovely your family are - please let me know if ever you need (I use that term loosely!) 40s things. I am in Hampshire - are you nearby? I will try and sort my blog out somehow and try and keep it going (carry on.....!!). It is all a bit daft really but I have found recent carry ons just not British!!
    Anyway beginning to ramble but very pleased that you got in touch
    Best wishes

  3. Yum yum ginger beer!! Hasnt the weather been pants!?!? SO MUCH FOR A SUMMER !!!


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