Saturday, 11 February 2012

I'm in Love.... Heyday's Trousers

Before I started with 'this vintage lark' you would often find me in a pair of jeans. My instant go-to for days when dresses were too cold, they suited my 'country mum' lifestyle. Last September I put my jeans away and haven't worn them since! Autumn and Winter were spent wearing  thick wooly tight under dresses and occassionally boots. I seemed to be doing ok. Luckily I had bought a pair of vintage-ish wide leg trousers (from Sainsburys) which did me for colder days but I always felt a cheat in them. Now temperatures have dipped into the minus numbers I've opened my jeans drawer a couple of times for a couple of occassions ( a muddy country walk, and an evening with friends at the pub) luckily I've resisted both times!!

It definitely became apperent that what I was lacking was a good pair of 40s style trousers!! Once again I turned to the internet for a solution. It didn't take me long to find Heyday doing a short run of Khaki Trousers. A great price and up to my size too - the colour would be perfect and go with lots of other stuff - I was sold!! Unfortunately money funds restricted me from purchasing them  until after my birthday
(M-I-Law was giving me a voucher) and the website warned they had previously sold out very quickly - oh no!

Taking a chance I emailed the company and asked if they could hold a pair for me. Great news (dealing with these smaller companies with great customer service) was that they could! It was a long wait (even longer because I got mum to take them up for me) but when they arrived I could not believe how great they were!! The cut, the fit - every thing!! As I looked in the mirror I could imaging a pair in navy, red.......all of them!

A post earlier in the week on another blog (sorry can't find it at the mo)  listing all our UK reproduction companies reminded me just how lucky we are here, so when payday comes around, treat yourself and support these UK companies that really do put their customers first!!


  1. I won a heyday gift certificate in a giveaway and just recieved my first pair a few weeks ago. They are excellent quality, very well made and totally adorable!!

  2. I have them in Navy. I usually hate trousers, but I love my Heyday ones. They look great on you. X

  3. You look sooo pretty in them and they look super comfy-oh no I may have to get some. I am just hesitant on the sizing. Btw the blog post was from Jessica at Chronically Vintage :) xox

  4. Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.


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