Monday, 12 September 2011

Introducing Arthur.....

Reading the many blogs out there, its easy to assume its the ladies that are leading the voyage into vintage. Well lucky for me hubby seems just as keen to join in! Having bought his first couple of vintage items at W & Ws he was pretty keen to get some kind of complete outfit together to wear to events. Of course hubby being hubby his vintage vision would include (ultimately) car too and there in lay the problem. Hubby was thinking military. The problem was he prefered British vehicles but American uniforms! After much deliberation we decided, for now at least, Civvy street was definitely the way to go.

Luckily I knew exactly which street to go to...

Catherine Hill, Frome.

One of the coolest streets in the county for all things vintage and handmade! Unfortunately Make & Mend was shut but we tootled up the hill to Poot, and that is where hubby found his outfit!!

The lady in the shop was great and ever so helpful, we were in vintage heaven!! Hubby found a gorgeous green grey handmade 40s suit, never worn vintage shoes and a grey felt narrow rim fedora that fitted like a dream! He even picked his own vintage tie to match, and the woman said to me....' I think he was born in the wrong era'!

Sadly nothing for me today, I found a gorgeous wrap dress but it wouldn't do up over my ample bosom!! So off I headed home with a very happy hubby. He ran upstairs and changed back into the suit, grabbing Young Masters suitcase, and back down the stairs came....

Arthur Snail, travelling salesman.

Of course Arthur needs a girl at home to look after him, so i became Lily,
and we really havent looked back since!!

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